Yoga student in upward facing dog pose

Our Name

Pura Vida literally means Pure Life, more importantly, it is synonymous with All Is Well and Life is Good. Pura Vida is a phrase commonly used in Costa Rica, the native land of our founder. Xenia opened Pura Vida Yoga in San Diego in 2012.

Our Approach

We are absolutely committed to sharing yoga and yoga-related practices to promote well-being, healthy bodies, community and peace of mind.

Although we emphasize proper alignment in our classes we understand that each body comes with its own very unique anatomy. Therefore the poses and transitions will look and feel different from one person to the next. Our teachers are trained to offer options so that everyone in class gets a dose of challenge while staying within their edge.

Both our studio and teachers are continually reinventing ourselves to offer  consistency with the right amount of nuance. You will not get bored here!

Finally, yoga is more than poses. Ancient yogis taught us that yoga is a lifestyle. One in which we practice compassion, honesty, connection, non-greed, contentment, and love.