Preferred Name


Guilty pleasure?

I like dancing and singing along to late 90s/early 00s pop music. And I don't feel guilty about it!

What's a wonderful adventure still sitting on your wishlist? *

More travel. I'm dreaming of an extended trip to Berlin, Budapest, and Prague (and some places in between).

Gifts, Touch, or Time?


Why yoga?

This yoga practice helps me connect to my body in a deep, visceral way. It teaches me to tap into my embodied experience, and perceive the world through my senses instead of, or at least in addition to, my mind. It heightens my awareness and teaches me to engage with my communities with curiosity and openness. It attunes me to the interconnectedness of us all.

Vata, Pita or Kapha? -- Explain yourself.

Pitta-Kapha. Fire+Water+Earth. Physically, I'm Pitta: athletic, medium build with a strong digestive system and a tendency for redness. Mentally, I'm Kapha and Pitta. As Kapha, I like stability, calm, simplicity, and routine. At my best, I am loyal, caring, supportive, and serene. When out of balance, I can be heavy and insecure. As Pitta, I like learning, solving problems, and doing things right/well. At my best, I'm hardworking, dependable, orderly, and passionate. When I'm out of balance, I can be irritable and excessively perfectionist.

Describe your teaching style in three words

Fluid, Mindful, Welcoming


My partner, Adam, and I got engaged in Paris in September. We're planning a wedding in the Caribbean, on an island we visited 7 years ago after we first started dating. After some rum punches, a friend we met there told us, "when you come back here, you'll be married." I guess he was right. 🙂

Lauren Christie, yoga teacher at Pura Vida, San Diego


I first came to yoga as a teenager searching for balance from the rigors of classical ballet training. Over the last ten years, I have returned again and again to cultivate inner peace, develop greater self-awareness, and shift my perspective on the world. I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC, and also hold a BA in Public Communication, French, and Dance from American University. I lead a fluid, organic practice with specific focus on breath-initiated movement, safe alignment, and creative sequencing.
My experience as a dancer greatly influences my teaching. As a teacher, I hope my students leave class feeling grounded, at ease, and confident in their own power and grace.