4 Classes


Attend four classes in one month.

Practice once a week or take four classes in one week.

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Unlimited Yoga


$59 for the first month
$99/mo thereafter

*Discount available only during your Intro Special. Regular price is $109/mo.

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10 Classes


10 classes. One payment. No expiration date.


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We have two types of monthly membership:

  • Limited $49/mo -- BUY
  • Unlimited $109/mo -- BUY

The Limited Membership is 4 classes a month for $49. That's $12.25 per class.

The Unlimited Membership is $109/mo. But you can grab the same membership for only $99/mo, $59 for the first month, if you purchase it during your Intro Special. If you attend at least 2 classes per week, that's $11 per class (at $99/mo). Of course the more classes you attend the less you pay per class.

Terms of Contract

Our month-to-month memberships are set on auto pay and thus require a valid credit card on file. They have a three month minimum commitment.

Cancellation: You may cancel at any time after the initial three months, by submitting an e-mail to admin@puravidayogacenter.com at least 30 days before your next automatic billing. Please write "Cancel Membership" on the subject line.

Our Unlimited Members enjoy discounts on retail, workshops, retreats, teacher training and a variety of free special classes. Also mat rental is free. Bonfires, book clubs, outdoor yoga, movie night, and much more. Join our family! 

We Love Our Members!

Other Memberships

We have couples memberships, one time payment memberships, one month only, and other options. If you are looking for something else, ask us.


Other Options

One-time Payments / No Contracts

  • 10 class package $159 -- BUY
  • One year unlimited $959 -- BUY
  • Drop-in single class $19 -- BUY

Our Ten Class Package never expires. Each class is $15.9.

Our Annual Unlimited Yoga Membership is a one time payment, no contracts. If you attend yoga at least twice a week you pay $8.8 per class. Of course the more classes you attend the less you pay per class.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, ask us. We have a six month membership and other options. Can't pay? Want to work for trade? Ask us.