Private sessions are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and goals

Private sessions are great for:

  • People new to yoga who don't feel ready to step into a group class.
  • People who need specific modifications to fit their unique body.
  • Students looking to stay consistent and accountable with their practice.
  • Students hoping to deepen and fine-tune their practice.
  • Students recovering from an injury and wishing to adjust their practice.


Individual (60-75 minutes): $100
Purchase 4 sessions and get a 10% discount — $90 per session

Partner Yoga (60-75 minutes): $150
For 2 people

Small Group (60-75 minutes): $100 for first person
$25 for each addition person, up to a max of 5 people

Large Group* (60-75 minutes): $150 for first person
$10 per each additional person
*More than 5 people

Private yoga session. Xenia assisting Deborah in half moon pose

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We require 24-hours notice for cancellation, 50% non-refundable deposit is required.