Choose What's Right For You

Group yoga class in a gentle stretch

Gentle Yoga

If you are just starting with yoga or feel uncertain regarding how much you will be able to keep up with then start slow with our Gentle Yoga class. Also, if you feel extra tight or limited in your range of motion Gentle Yoga offers variations that make the practice very accessible.

Some days you just want to take it easy. Come to Gentle Yoga on those days.

>> See our Gentle Yoga schedule.

Xenia in wildthing pose. Vinyasa classes


If you are looking for a physical challenge come to Vinyasa. This type of practice helps build strength, stamina and flexibility. Expect to step outside your comfort zone. You will likely sweat. Bring a towel.

Each class is sequenced strategically to help you open up gradually into fuller and deeper expressions of the poses.

>> See our Vinyasa class schedule.

Gentle assist in a yin yoga class


Yin classes are for anyone seeking to gain flexibility. This practice requires patience as each pose is held for about five minutes.

The holds are passive. Some people choose a very therapeutic relaxing approach (nearly falling asleep in each pose), while others opt to stay right on the edge of discomfort.

>> See our Yin class schedule.