Preferred Name
Xenia (pronounced Sennya, no Z, no ei).

Guilty pleasure
Oh, so many... I'll go with croissants and coffee. I don't think they are are good for me, but they are tasty.

A wonderful adventure still sitting on your wish-list
A trek to the Virunga National Park in Congo to be with the mountain gorillas.

Gifts, Touch, or Time?
Quality time, but I also very much like gifts and touch.

Why yoga?
It feels right --at every level (heart, mind, body)

Vata, Pita or Kapha?
I don't know... Just kidding. Vata: My mind wanders, I get scared easily (don't sneak up on me!), and I want to consider everyone before making any final decisions. It's exhausting for a butterfly.

Describe your teaching style in three words
Straightforward. Breath-driven. Contemplative.

Someday I'd like to have a cat friend again. An abyssinian this time. They look like a puma.

Quick Facts:

  • Born and raised in Costa Rica.
  • Graduated in Journalism from Chico State.
  • Started teaching yoga sometime around 2001.
  • Opened Pura Vida Yoga in 2012.
Xenia Guido wearing a Pura Vida tank top