I was born and raised in Costa Rica up until I went to college. I graduated from Chico State and worked for the State of California for for 10 years in Sacramento. I moved to San Diego to open Pura Vida Yoga in 2012.

Now I teach yoga. My teaching style is simple, some might say intense, I prefer to call it focused and breath-driven. I start from the premise that we all have different bodies. We carry very unique biographies in these bodies, therefore the poses will look and feel different from one person to another. I use alignment cues to encourage each person to explore the fullest expression of a pose while honoring their edge. I consider yoga to be a very personal practice and I welcome the paradox of teaching group classes. Besides awareness on the physical body I enjoy weaving yoga philosophy and mythology into my classes.

I began teaching yoga in 2002 while working a full-time IT job for the State.

Teaching yoga and running a yoga studio is, without doubt, my life’s passion.


Here are some of my current favorite tunes...