Our Yoga Classes

Xenia in wildthing pose. Vinyasa classes

Vinyasa Yoga

Our vinyasa classes are for people who enjoy a good physical challenge. Each class is sequenced strategically to help you open up gradually into fuller and deeper expressions of the poses.

Group yoga class in a gentle stretch

Gentle Yoga

Some days we just want to take it easy --while still getting a good stretch and some strengthening. This class is also good for anyone feeling extremely stiff or limited in their range of motion.

Gentle assist in a yin yoga class

Yin Yoga / Deep Stretch

Yin is for anyone looking for a deep stretch and some relaxation. Besides building flexibility, yin cultivates patience. This practice is known for its long passive holds.

40 Days to Healthier Habits

Get ready to reset your diet, workout routine, and self-care practice. 
Join our 40 Day Program and a group of dedicated yogis in a shared effort to create healthier ways of being and living.
June 1 - July 10

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