New Client Special


2 weeks for $29

(mat rental fee included)

San Diego residents new to Pura Vida can access unlimited yoga for two weeks for $29. After that you may continue unlimited for $59 for the first month, $99/mo thereafter. BUY NOW.


3 classes for $45

(mat rental fee included)

If you are visiting San Diego and looking to take more than one class you are in luck. Grab three classes for $45. Our drop in rate for one single class is $19. BUY NOW.

Our Classes


Vinyasa Classes

Our vinyasa classes are for people who enjoy a good physical challenge. Each class is sequenced strategically to help you open up gradually into fuller and deeper expressions of the poses.


Gentle Yoga

Some days we just want to take it easy --while still getting a good stretch and some strengthening. This class is also good for anyone feeling extremely stiff or limited in their range of motion.

yin yoga

Yin / Deep Stretch Classes

Yin is for anyone looking for a deep stretch and some relaxation. Besides building flexibility, yin cultivates patience. This practice is known for its long passive holds.

Become a Member...

Commit to a regular yoga practice to cultivate peace while gaining strength and flexibility in body and mind. Unlimited membership starts at only $59 for the first month when you purchase during Intro Special.

Bali Bliss Yoga Retreat

April 20-28, 2019

Join us for nine days on the breathtaking island of Bali. Immerse yourself not just in the physical beauty of Bali, but surround yourself with a culture where yoga is found in all aspects of daily life. We will explore ancient temples and be purified by Bali’s natural spring waters, spend a magical day in beautiful Ubud, and hike an active volcano summiting at sunrise to see the island laid out beneath us. Whatever the day brings, our homebase will be a sprawling resort on the shores of Keramas beach. Here you will truly venture inward.  You can also surf. Keramas is one of Bali’s premier surf breaks and it will be literally steps from your room.